Tuesday, April 28, 2009


(this was taken at Gretchen's several months ago. I love sleeping pictures!)

So, I am tired. Instead of opting for coffee, I went with the super-healthy Mountain Dew - Actually it was Mountain Frost, the Sweet Valley version of the former, but it is some sort of mountain precipitation.

So, I am tired. The kids are cranky. Oh joy. Maybe we'll walk later if it's not raining. And as I look around my house, I am feeling completely overwhelmed. I wonder why I should even bother cleaning up this or that, when it will stay that way, maybe 10min.

So, I will go on with my day, praying for strength and energy. And being thankful for the messy house that I do get to live in, with my family.

I hope you are having a better morning than I. I really am not a fan of these little ruts.

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Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Please call if tomorrow starts off the same way as today. I can always bring my kids a different day. :)