Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sum Up

Before you begin to worry that I finally got my act together and that is why I have been copping out and using "Maura On..." posts, never fear! I am still as messed up and disfunctional as ever! Just busy. And tired.

We had a wonderful birthday party for Zach on Saturday. It was nice to see so many people, and have Zach truly enjoy himself. He needed some good times. Tristin fell on his face at the party and looks like he's been a bar fight. Maura repeatedly dipped cheese puffs into the chocolate fountain... eww. Both of the kids ate pretty much the whole time, and loved every minute of it.

Tristin went searching for food the other day and found a bag with stale buns from the party... he snacked on those for a while before deciding they would look better on the floor of the living room. Just in time for ant season! All right!

He also has been using his big toes to rub hie eyes. Never mind the dirt and possible infections that could come of this - what about it being so weird?!

Maura is currently running around in her underwear. I really don't care. She's happy.

I have been trying to help Zach with his school and at the same time, get all of the hours I need for my EMT re-cert. Although, I did discover that my lifeguarding isn't up until next year! Sweet! I may still have to take Red Cross CPR, but I intend to make a stink out of this and hopefully get out of it. Wish me luck on my phone calls!

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Andy and Cari said...

If you are the EMT...then why do all the emergency medical things happen to me when you are not around? When you have been officially can charge.