Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finding God in Everything, pt. 3

Jurassic Park. I love these movies. 1 & 3 are my favorite, but I love them all. Seriously, I could watch them over and over for days on end. Let's be honest, I could watch movies for days on end.

So, the first thing that strikes me is how cool that island would be if it weren't for the fall of man. Disregarding the fact that the dinosaurs would not have been extinct without sin, but they would not have tried to eat us.

Can you imagine being Adam and you're going along naming animals and such. "I'll call you a bunny rabbit." "You can be a turtle." Then he turns his head and sees a humongous lizard staring at him. I figure he probably wouldn't be scared, since he has no reason to be, but I imagine him being at least a little bit startled. It makes me smile.

Anyway, so this guy gets ancient DNA and makes dinosaurs. He's there when they hatch, insisting on being present for the first moment of each little life. I thought of God being like this in the sense that he is responsible for our being here, and wants to be such an influential part of our very lives. Without Him, we would not be. And just like the dinosaurs, we turned on the one who brought us here. Granted we have not tried to eat God.

Another thought was of Dennis, the guy who steals the different DNAs to sell. If we continue the thought from above, he's kind of like satan. He was working for the man and happy with things until he found a way that would benefit him much more. Of course, he didn't know he would end up with poisonous dino saliva in his face, then get eaten alive. Ew.

Then there's the point made in the movie that I'll just repeat. Dinosaurs (and other species for that matter) are extinct for a reason. Not that nature had selected them as Mr. Goldbloom suggested, but God is in control.

Why we, as little, dumb people try and try to tinker with what He has decided is beyond me... I never question God...

Hey, I'm only human!

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Bethany said...

You were right. I AM jealous.