Monday, August 17, 2009


So, I want to compile fall recipes (mainly apples, but whatever)and publish 1-3 at a time on my webpage. I even opened it up to methods of storing & preserving apples & fall harvest produce.

I would love it if you would like to contribute something. I'm going to start publishing recipes next week, so you can check there if you are looking for any new ideas... of course that is assuming that anybody reads my page and actually e-mails me... which has never happened in the history of my writing. Oh well, a first time for everything. Right?

I guess if I don;t hear from anyone, I'll just post my own stuff and give them random names so people will think I'm popular!

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MH said...

i have three favorite apple recipes posted on my blog that are very yummy - Apple Hermits, Apple Crumb Pie and Carmel Apple Crisp - all filed under "Tasty Tuesday" and all worth making! good luck!