Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This past Friday Maura turned 4. You may have been confused since she is telling people she is turning 10 - believe me, she's only 4. I was confused because I am sure most days there is a 13yr old running around, but only 4.

I won't bore you with her birth story that was terribly exciting to those close enough to us, but probably to nobody else. She did come 3 weeks & a day early... she still likes to keep everyone on their toes.

(she got into the baby lotion - not on my watch!)

While Tristin is a lot like me (in many areas), Maura is a lot like her Uncle Richie. And Grandma Jo. And "Aunt" Cari. And many other high energy, talkative, outgoing people who have contributed to her genes & upbringing. Good gracious, she never stops talking!

Maura is a pure daddy's girl. I have never seen a girl so attached to her father. It's nice, but can be a bit overwhelming. When Zach leaves for work - or any other reason - it's almost always a struggle, and he often has to sneak out of the house. I think it gives him warm fuzzies, though.

She loves to help in the kitchen and even likes to watch cooking shows. Unfortunately, some cooking shows just aren't for little people... like the one that inspired her to make a "beautiful cocktail for you!"

Of course her love for cooking eventually lead to a nasty burn on her hand. She was about 18months, and she still talks about it.

So my little girl isn't so little any more. She is incredibly imaginative, playful and very sweet. She loves people and being busy. We are very blessed to have her in our lives.


The Hillebrands said...

You have such a cute (and entertaining) family! Happy Birthday kiddos!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

You forgot to mention her GREAT sense of fashion! (As can be clearly noted in that last photo)


Anna said...

Happy Birthday Maura Monkey! You are the greatest!!! You were my "first" child - okay, you were the first child I was ever close to and you filled my heart with so much joy and love. Here is to many more years!

Andy and Cari said...

Ahh...loud, proud and fabulous! I love that little girl!Happy B-day little one.