Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me

he's just a poor boy, from a poor family

am i the only one who loves to blast bohemian rhapsody when it comes on the radio. there are several songs i do this with, but this one has been on a lot lately. and of course during the guitar solo near the end, there's a little head banging, a la wayne's world. i think i've got the kids doing it now.

-let me go!
-will not let you go!

oh, and out of the blue the other day maura started singing, "if you should like then you should have to put a ring on it!"


Anna said...

nope, you aren't alone - we belted this one out at our reception! Hotel California is another one that moves me to crank up the volume - there are others but those 2 are classics!

Andy and Cari said...

Andy has never seen Wayne's he always looks at me like I am the weird one when this song comes on...little does he know, He is the weird one for not seeing Wayne's World...