Thursday, November 19, 2009

I choose nature

No, we are not going green. Actually, a couple of days ago when I told Lauren that I live green now, she laughed at me!

I am actually talking about nature vs. nurture, one of the great debates. However, I believe it has been solved.

Tristin is at the lovely age where he likes to go into rooms and get into trouble. This is even more of a problem now that he has figured out how to lock himself in the room. We usually lock most of the doors during the day until he grows out of this.

One of his favorite rooms to go into is the one where he is currently sleeping.

- yes, I could say his room, but after a long story, we would arrive at the same conclusion: it will not be his room for much longer, so I am not calling it that! -

So after taking him out of the room and locking the door behind us, Zach & I notice something. And here is the N v. N-

Tristin went to the closet off of the living room & got a wire hanger. He then turned over a basket in front of the locked door, climbed up with the hanger, and tried to pick the lock.

I asked Zach if it was just on boy genes to know how to do something like that. I assure you, we do not pick locks.

with wire hangers

Maybe instead of a college fund we should start a bail fund...


Sarah said...

I choose nature, too. There are many, many things my children do that I can't take credit for. (good or bad) Pretty funny that he is picking locks...we'll see where this leads him!

extraordinaryordinarylife said...

Hilarious! I definitely think it is nature with boys. We never gave Isaac a gun, but he would make a gun out of anything.

Barb said...

Maybe Maura showed him how!