Sunday, December 20, 2009

ms. grinch

Reciept checker at Sam's Club (to Maura): Are you all ready for Santa?

Maura (straight faced): Santa isn't real.

Extremely stunned employee: silence. Well you'll have a fun time anyway. Did you already hang up your stockings?

Maura: No, we don't have a fireplace.

Very uncomfortable employee wishing we would leave already: Ok, well have a merry Christmas.


Anna said...

That is outstanding!!! Love that little girl:)

Lindsey said...

That's too funny! :) I'm glad that Scott can't tell people that we didn't put our tree up this year. In fact, I'm finding that I'm glad that Scott can't tell people a lot of things. I know that our time is coming though.

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

I can see it all playing out. And it's heeee-larious.

Love Maura.

Bethany said...

HA! You truly have a one of a kind. :) You're so darn lucky.

Sarah said...

Similar thing happened at our house when the mailman came to bring a package. Isaac and Christian ran to the door, the mailman said, "hey guys, you ready for Santa to come" Isaac: (confused and slightly frustrated with the mailman) "Santa isn't real" Mailman: "Then who brings your presents?" Isaac: "Well, it looks like you're bringing one right now."