Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I took the kids out in the snow for about 30min this afternoon (in a desperate effort to make bedtime go much more smoothly). If it weren't for the wind, we would have stayed out longer. If I had more driveway to shovel, we would have stayed out longer.

Yes, I love to shovel snow. It's odd and I have heard I must be nuts, but I love it. I got to do a decent amount the other day, but not near enough to suit me. I hope we get another dumping of snow so I can really have at the drive.

So, what does one eat after such strenuous work?

Spaghetti-o's and wine.

I will live forever!


Anna said...

We have a 3-car driveway that is probably twice as long as yours. You are welcome to it anytime!!!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

You crack me up, Cristi. If our driveway wasn't so slippery, I'd love it a little more.


Ma ~ said...

What goes with spaghettio's...Cabernet or Merlot ;)?