Thursday, March 18, 2010


talk about neglect! since i haven't been posting, has it been 'out of sight, out of mind' or 'absence makes the heart grow fonder?'

in any event, i feel like i haven't had a moment's peace in a long time. and when i do get half a second to sit, i either fall asleep or just stare into space. or i guess i get attacked by little teacup humans and have to fight them off for fear of never being freed!

hopefully i can get back on the wagon and start writing more regularly. i have been dealing with a few things, and honestly, i am not going to share. i am a pretty private person when it comes to the inner workings of my mind, and i like it that way usually.

well i hope all of you snow haters out there are enjoying the weather. i'll admit it is nice and look forward to days in the pool and worn out kids, although nothing quite compares to a bowl of smoky corn chowder in the middle of a snow storm...

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oneblessedmama said...

Sorry things have been rough. Hope they get better soon. Been tehre, done that. god is bigger, as I know you know, we just sometimes need to hear it. :-)