Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So the May session is over. I am so relieved.

I had my lesson parents fill out a post-lesson questionnaire. While logically I am fine with everything said, and I know that the feedback will only make us better, it was still kind of hard to to take!

I was a little bit hurt. But, I channeled that into several (and still counting) posts on the swim blog. I am taking the comments & suggestions and addressing them. It makes me feel better, and hopefully then my readers will know that I am truly interested in how we are helping.

I also started thinking. Since this is MY thing, no affiliation with any organization and there is nobody else to answer to, I can do whatever I want.


I decided that while I still need to pray for calm through all of this, I have a new request for lessons.

I want to glorify God.

I have a swim blog that only I run, only I can access, and there is only me to oversee it. Imagine how many people I could reach. I don't plan on going on and spouting about hell fire, but I can put more of my faith into my work.

I am kind of excited.

Please keep this in mind if you find your self praying for me. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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