Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The end

The summer swim program is over. I am so burned out on it. It was a great experience, and I definitely learned a lot. However, I am ready for a break.

Speaking of breaks....

There were no real mishaps during the lessons all summer. I thanked God a lot for taking care of the children & instructors each day. Then came the last day.

If you know me at all, then you know that I don't have much physical grace. I am a huge klutz. Massive.

I was walking around the deck on the final day of lessons, not only doing the supervisor thing, but also lifeguarding, since both of mine were out. I completely ran into the set of stairs going into the water. Just walked right into them.

I smashed my toes at some point during this little battle with the steps, and almost fell right into the water. My arms flailed and I am sure it was a great show for the group of all of the parents watching.

Turns out, I believe I broke my toe. It hurts very, very much. All the way into my metatarsals. It hurts right now as I am typing! The picture doesn't do the bruising justice. And the bruising is spreading down closer to my foot. And please ignore my other fat, but unswollen toes, chipped polish, etc.

Earlier in the week I thought I broke some toes on the other foot because I jammed on the side when I was getting into the water. I just jammed them, but they aren't as pretty as this guy.


Sarah said...

Ouch. That toe isn't looking so hot! And I am very impressed with your amount of postings lately.

Ma ~ said...

The title of this post has put that Doors song in my head...