Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soft in the Head

*this may be offensive, however, you are not being forced to read it. it is my right to put it here, and your right to disagree*

Does anybody else fear for our future? I don't mean disaster, end of the world future. Our relatively normal life future. When I see a band of bored, undirected youth walking around, I shudder at the thought they they will be running things all too soon.

Why does it seem so hard to find a real man? And I'm not expecting a bunch of John Wayne cowboys to be sauntering around, but really. All of the political correctness, and let's not do/say/think that since it may hurt somebody's feelings, somewhere, at some point in time.

Since when is it wrong to have winners & losers in a game? Yes, we want our children to have fun, but if there is no winner, what is the point? I'm not a terribly competitive person, but come on.

Have you ever seen the tv show Yes, Dear? There is one episode where the dad gets all upset because at his son's elementary track & field day, everyone got a ribbon & nobody lost. While just a cheesy sitcom (but funny!), Zach and thought he made a great point. What will push you do better if there is no standard to meet?

And where are parents getting this idea? Yes, I hate when my children are hurt or sad, but welcome to life! I am not raising children - I am raising functional adults! Tough love is not only tough on the the receiver, it can be tough for the giver!

Anyway, want to know what started my little rant? Just a little book. I was going through this book looking for some new activities and came across a couple of games.

The first just seems plain stupid. Instead of Simon Says, it is called Silly Says. It is just like Simon Says, but the "leader isn't trying to trick anyone." Wasn't that the fun part of Simon Says? Otherwise you are just playing Follow the Leader.

The one that really burned my cheese - Hug Rover. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, HUG Rover. Just like Red Rover, but "this version is less boisterous and does not encourage aggression." Maybe so, but it does encourage the passing of germs and way too much physical familiarity. the last step - "Rather than trying to break through the line, the child stops when he arrives. The line gathers around and gives him a group hug."

A GROUP HUG! Well why don't we just go ahead & get our children spayed & neutered and then we can all just love, love, love till the cows come home! But then they wouldn't be able to have sex at 14, and no life direction, abandoning any sense of responsibility that the day care instilled in them. I would hate to deprive my children of that!

I am not encouraging violence in the least, but seriously? When in life do we get that drive to succeed, do better, want to fight for something worthy?

I am sure this not coming across as clear as I am thinking it, but I am so fed up with a lot lately, and you are the lucky people who get to see me rant... This is only one of the many things that go through my messed up head.

Ever see the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas?


Sarah said...

You aren't planning on shooting up a burger joint any time soon, are you?

cristidehoff said...

not any time soon:)

I was just commenting on the ignorance that seems to be seeping into everyday life all around

Anna said...

You are not alone my dear. We are seeing it first hand too. It is mighty scary when I speak to one of them to move out of the way of my car and then have to constantly WATCH my car to be sure they don't return and slash my tires...and he was maybe 11...Thank God I am homeschooling my kids and hopefully we will be able to move to the middle of nowhere so I can enjoy my bubble of sanity!

Joyfulmom said...

Totally agree with you! I know my kids already stick out from their peers because they are curious & question everything. I've taught them to think. I'm also teaching them to have manners & to listen to their elders (and if they don't there are consequences!)

I try to teach them about hard work, striving to do your best, losing & winning gracefully. And we have frequent discussions about what we see other kids doing/not doing & the appropriateness of it.

I think we see this ignorance & apathy because we are slipping away from morals, ethics & manners as a whole in this country. Kids have been taught that there are no absolutes & no reason for living(we are accidents of nature). If you were taught that, why then would you even try? Plus there is a mentality nowdays that we are owed everything by the government or that the rich people owe us! So, why work or strive to be successful?

Sorry to rant on your rant! I think we are thinking along the same lines!

Anna, I too thank God that I am homeschooling my kids!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I loved the rant. Rant on my friend and then lets play Hug Rover - ha!