Monday, September 27, 2010

Flesh-eating Bacteria

We have had a lot going recently. Aside from just daily chaos, Zach went and got a flesh eating bacteria, so this weekend was nice. Not actually a flesh- eating bacteria, but nasty nonetheless.

We were supposed to go to the James Dean Festival in Fairmount on Saturday. Instead we took the kids to my parents at 7:50 and then went to a prompt care for Zach's arm. The infection was bad enough that his whole body was responding with flu symptoms. If you've ever had mastitis, then you know the feeling.

Anyway, it was an 'aggressive bacteria,' and I had to wash everything he had touched... So I did laundry all day Saturday, take care of Zach, plus try to fill the day for the kids, who were very disappointed about missing the festival. Seriously.

Zach is doing better, but still run down. I am still exhausted. Today I will be trying to get the house back into order after hole-ing up all weekend.

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Sarah said... never mentioned the flesh eating bacteria this morning at bible study...gross! Is Zach all better now? Hope all is nice & sterile so nobody else picks it up :)