Friday, October 1, 2010


Maura has a way of asking questions that can be uncomfortable. Of course she has no idea that they are, but this is to be expected from children. "Where do babies come from?" was not how Maura asked this innocent yet standard question. She asked, "How does the baby get into the mommy's stomach?"

Thankfully she is a sucker for a long wordy answer (seriously, the more lengthy you can make an answer, the better and more satisfied she is), I took a moment to think to myself. I responded that a baby is not actually in a mommy's stomach, but a womb that starts out as a uterus. The baby gets there because a mommy has 23 chromosomes, a daddy has 23 chromosomes, and together that makes 46 chromosomes, and 46 chromosomes make a baby.

She was actually very happy with this answer and we haven't talked about it since. Although I have been thinking about my response when it does come up again.


Bethany said...

Becca and Tyler just found out "the rest of the story." When we asked if there were any questions, Becca wanted to know how you could do it "without touching."

Lindsey said...

I'll have to remember that one. I'm still struggling with knowing what to say when Scott points to different parts of his anatomy. Perhaps I'll leave him with you for an afternoon and you and Maura can get him all squared away. :)