Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa again

This is the time of year when people (for whatever reason, maybe to feel like a kid again?) love to ask children if they are getting ready for Santa. A woman my mom works with asked Maura, and Maura gave her standard answer - "Santa's not real."

Maura is the kind of kid who will enter a verbal (physical, also) battle if she chooses and will not back down... She is used to being egged on by random adults in her life.... 'aunt' Cari mainly. So when this woman persisted with Santa, Maura kept telling her he isn't real.

She was asked how she was going to get her presents, stockings, etc. When this woman declared that her presents come from Santa, Maura came over to me, completely exasperated and said in an exaggerated whisper - "But Santa isn't real!!!!"

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