Wednesday, December 8, 2010


*maura got a good bit of polly pocket things for her birthday....*

Maura never put anything in her mouth that wasn't meant to be there. Tristin put everything in his mouth. While he doesn't do that really any more, I am praying he hasn't discovered a new place to put things...

Tristin: Mommy, there's sumpun (something) in my nose.

Me: A booger?

Tristin: No, a shoe

Here is a list of things that were pulled from Tristin's mouth on a regular basis:

*a circular magnet that he had gotten stuck, so that he could not close his mouth - it was wedged between his upper & lower jaws and I had to carefully pry it out!
*pieces of 3 different foam balls- some of it was actually eaten
*stale cheerio
*dried chicken from under his high chair cover
*a teeny, tiny barbie puppy dog
*barbie shoes (two)
*pieces of a board book
*toilet paper
*pieces from the same board book
*a toy bear head
*colored pencil "lead"
*crayon bits
*a ring
*toilet paper
*some plastic thingy
*more toilet paper
*more hair
*a sock
*some lotion - although that went down before I could get to it - and unfortunately, it did not make the end result smell better
*barbie shoe
*key from a computer keyboard
*a tiny blue policeman head *styrofoam *beads
*chalk *stickers *plastic from the laptop
*crayon *a rock *q-tip
*grass *paper *random plastic bits
*mulch *gum wrapper


Ma ~ said...

Did you get it out of his nose yourself?

I had a nose stasher, too.

Lindsey said...

HILARIOUS!! This made me laugh!