Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mama's Little Goat

**Let me just tell you that I do feed my children!

When the kids go to bed, we have to lock the door. Before you gasp in horror, we unlock it when they are asleep. This has cut the bedtime time drastically.

Anyway, Maura can open the door only a small fraction of an inch, of which she takes full advantage. She will smash her face in the tiny little opening & yell things to us. We usually ignore her, because when answered with, "You're fine. Go to bed." She will respond, "OK!" and go to bed.

Well, the other night she sounded a bit upset, so I asked her to repeat it. "Tristin's eating the Five Little Monkey's book!" I have never heard this accusation, so I decided to check it out. When I opened the door, Tristin had a strip of book in his hand, cardboard bits on his face, and he was chewing. The child was, in fact, eating the book.

I took it away, removed the debris from his face & mouth and called it a night. Although he completely broke down when I took the book.

The next night we were getting ready for a bath, and I took off Little Stinky's diaper. There was poop. It was kind of funny looking. I may gross out some of you, but when I see funny looking poop, I need to investigate.

Well, after some smushing and mashing, I found purple paper (that had once been attached to cardboard). With words on it. There was a lot of it. It was the most interesting poop I have ever encountered. Hopefully Tristin will not try to eat books again.

Other things I have recently pulled from Tristin's mouth:
*a ring
*toilet paper
*some plastic thingy
*more toilet paper
*more hair
*a sock
*some lotion - although that went down before I could get to it - and unfortunately, it did not make the end result smell better
*barbie shoe
*key from a computer keyboard


Sarah said...

You're so funny. I love reading The Adventures of Tristin and his eating habits. As I'm sure you know, Christian is a goat as well. He eats the strangest things. Lately he's been trying to eat all of the erasers off our pencils.

Heidi Stone said...

But books are YUMMY, Mom!!!!

Laura said...

hahaha i like that the words were still legible in his poop!