Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, I weighed myself last Friday, and I weighed myself today. I was the same. That's kind of encouraging since I've felt like Fatty McHuge all week.

I started babysitting this week & that has really taken it out of me. I only worked out once, instead of my 3 that I had planned - I like baby steps! When I did work out, it was swimming, so not only was I exercising, it was therapeutic as well.

I think until my body has plateaued until i can make the time and energy to work out a little more regularly. Oh well. I'll be happy I didn't gain anything.


Laura said...

you should TOTALLY be happy you didn't gain!! When i did weight watchers like an old/middle aged lady last year i lost like...25 pounds in 3 months. but there were times when i didn't lost at all. the plus side...i haven't gained any back!!! it is GOOD not to gain!!!! And it's true..until you put forth the effort to exercise, no losing. unfortunately. i worked out once this week as well. i need to do at least 3-4. sigh. motivate me too!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on not gaining. Look at the +positive+ you did not GAIN!