Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letters From a Recluse

Well, as usual I should be doing something way more productive than writing this. Oh well. I haven't left the house since church on Sunday, aside from getting the mail. I don't mind staying home, but I am beginning to feel the need to go out. I am planning on going out tomorrow afternoon with my mom, so I am very much looking forward to that.

I am trying to keep the place clean, and gets frustrating that it never really stays that way for more than the night. My mother- in- law got Tristin these little blue police figures (like the small army men) for Christmas. They are scattered all over the house - even when it is picked up, you can pick just about any square foot to look at and find at least one figure - it looks like the night Chicago died in my living room.

I have been able to work out. Not that I have taken full advantage of it, but I have been able.

So, here's to another week at home, with the little people who are allegedly my children, plus one, and finding any way I can to avoid working out & cleaning. What fun!

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Laura said...

cleaning is overrated. booooo i'm going to have to do the kids laundry today and I'm not looking forward to it...