Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Help is Hard to Find

When I was little, and we had family dinners with my grandparents, and when the meal was finished, I remember my grandmother asking where Emma was at. Being young, I didn't realize that they were making a joke about the fictional maid who was behind in her duties to clear the table & clean up dinner. A vague way to complain about the work to be done. In fact, that question is still uttered at random gatherings.

I have done a lot of thinking about it, and have decided that I will have my own Emma. It makes me feel better to blame my messes on this figment of my imagination, than to admit I have indeed, done this myself.

On days that it looks as though we live in a frat- house, I will wonder, "Where has that Emma gotten to?" And I will take care of the mess that has been forgotten by my absent- minded employee.


Heidi Stone said...

love it! sounds like a perfect idea!

Andy and Cari said...

What if you become friends with someone named Emma, and then you say that when she is you think she will take offence and never come back because you are blaming your mess on her?

cristidehoff said...

If she were really my friend, she would understand my mental state and look beyond my issues!

Katy said...

Sometimes I blame my messes on the cats and ask why they didn't clean up while I was gone. I wish I could train them to do dishes!

Elizabeth said...

I actually can say "where is Winston when I need him?" and if it is Saturday or Sunday he will jump in and clean as hard as he can asking me the whole time "am I doing a good enough job Honey Bunny?"....and he's very detail oriented too. Who would have that a three year old could be so handy?