Friday, February 4, 2011

you'd think they are 3yr old boys!

Here's a little background: My brother got put on temporary duty again. Since Kari is due at the beginning of June, they wanted to have a little time together while she can still fly. They asked if I'd take Aiden (he is almost Tristin's age, but with Maura's personality...) for about a week so she could go with him for the first week of his duty.

Richie's duty is in Texas, but the first week is in.... wait for it.... Honolulu. After telling him that I hated them, I said of course I'd take my nephew. If I can't go, I may as well help somebody else, right?

So I got my little squishy man on Sunday afternoon. The weather was nasty all week, so we have been in side, and it is really getting to the kids. Maura has been pretty well behaved, but I think that's because she is sensing I am very close to a nervous breakdown.

I asked my mom if they would take Aidein for a little so I could get a break. Here's when I think I cracked:

They were only in the playroom for about 10min....

Notice the Wizard of Oz look.... other than the whole 'tornado in the playroom' thing, they even dropped the house on a body

My mom and dad picked up Aiden this morning about 9, and are keeping him till tomorrow evening.


Andy and Cari said...

they'll get you my is your little dog?

Sarah said...

oh that's right...I forgot about the little dog until I read Cari's comment. Is the dog okay? Is the dollhouse okay? It looks a little lopsided in the picture.