Saturday, February 12, 2011

How much do you love your children?

I was able to prove how much I love my son yesterday.

We were out running errands. The first stop was the doctor, since I had a UTI. You need to know this to understand that is why I made the decision to use a public restroom.

I avoid public restrooms at all costs, especially with the kids. Sometimes it cannot be avoided, and that is what happened.

I really had to go. But Maura cut me in the toilet line, then Tristin (with the smallest bladder of the 3 of us) said he had to go, I let him.

The good news is that he went. The bad news is that I had to help him balance standing on the seat, and aiming so he wouldn't go all over the wall.

While this circus act was going on, the little matchbox car that he had stored in his shirt pocket worked its way up and out.....

and down.

Tristin was so upset. I just stood there staring at it, weighing my options. I was at loss. He REALLY wanted his car.

Thankfully we were the only ones in the restroom. I went out and turned on the faucet to hot.

Took a deep breath. Told Tristin that this is how much I love him.

urine is sterile....

deeper breath.... Reminded Tristin that this is how much I love him.

In goes my hand, through the wet toilet paper and all, and out came the car.

I RAN to the sink and washed the car and my hands with tons of soap. Tristin was so happy.

Now you know, and I never want to talk about it again.


Bethany said...

You are a better mom than I.

Anna said...

WOW. You REALLY love that boy. Not sure I would have been so brave and selfless!