Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Career Opportunity

So my bother in law dropped off his car last week for Zach to look at. When he dropped it, he parked on the street, which at the time, forced him to park about 1 foot from the curb because of all the snow.

When the snow melted, the car was off the curb a great deal, so I decided to move it to the driveway (besides the fact that we aren't supposed to park on the street overnight). So I realized the car was dead, which was why he needs Zach to look at it.

So I got my car and hooked them together with the jumper cables.... Everything was going great. I am very good at jumping cars.... When I went back to check on his car, I realized that I had locked the keys in the car....

I was so mad. I had to unhook the cables and move my car back in the driveway.

Yesterday my dad stopped by on his way home and tried to slim jim the car door. He wasn't able to get it, so he left the slim jim. Zach was able to get the door opened today, before he left for work.

I decided to give it another go and get the car out of the street. Got everything hooked up again and started the car charging again.

Apparently Jesse's car hates me. It locked again. Zach said it could lock when the cables get hooked up. Whatever. That's stupid.

So I call Zach and he tells me how to use the slim jim. I am trying for a good 5min. and wondering when a cop car will roll by, and wonder if they will help, or start questioning me.

I got it! I was so excited that I practically screamed from excitement. Not very subtle had I been committing an actual crime, and not one of stupidity.

Now all I need to learn is how to hot wire a car!


Bethany said...

That is talent. :)

Anna said...

Totally awesome. Congrats! Where was this wonderful talent when I needed it!!!??? I used to lock my keys in my car ALL THE TIME. Fortunately, after having kids, this has stopped:) Of course, I have now just jinxed myself...

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Don't you know that crime doesn't pay?
Of course, this is why I have AAA.