Friday, March 11, 2011

Rescue 911

When I was younger, we would watch Rescue 911 on tv. It was hosted by William Shatner, and to this day, I always hear his voice saying that.

The reason I bring it up, is that my mind will pull up these memories from time to time, especially when I am doing something that my end up in an ambulance ride.

For instance, yesterday I was pulling up the carpet in our bedroom. It is 8 1/2 yrs old, and mighty disgusting. Our plan is to stain the concrete in the next month or two, but the floor was so gross, I couldn't stand it any more.

Anyway, I was using a razor knife and I always close it when I set it down, even if I am going to use it again almost immediately.

This time I did not retract the razor, and started pulling up the section of carpet.

As my eyes looked down and saw the exposed, super sharp blade, I heard William Shatner, as if he himself were right in the room with me (which is really weird itself!), saying,

"It was an ordinary March day. The DeHoff children were playing in the living room, while their mother, Cristi, was working on some home improvements. Little did she know, that her home was going to be last thing on her mind in by the end of the day. I am William Shatner, and this is Rescue 911."

These scenarios play in my head A LOT. I may be the only person who thinks like this. Maybe not. But probably. Oh well.

So, there it is. My messed up mind and the things I think. My mind is a scary place.


Andy and Cari said...

My mind usually runs silly skits like JD in scrubs...your mind seems much saner than mine...

Lindsey said...

You've warped me. I usually don't think like that, but after reading your post, I have been! Yesterday, I had Natalie strapped in her high chair eating Goldfish (choking hazard), Scott was on the computer (should two year olds use the computer without supervision?), and I was standing on a chair trying to vacuum cobwebs that were on the ceiling vent. I pictured myself falling, breaking something, not being able to rescue my kids from their own emergencies, all while the loud vacuum was going and no one could hear my cries for help. I hope this type of thinking stops soon, otherwise we may have to attend a group counseling session.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I watched that too! But I do actually think as you do. I always like to map out the worst case scenario then figure out 3 ways to get out of it and then I can go on with my day. Usually this involves me at night if someone were to break in or be hiding in my shower while I was away.
So you are not the only warped mind out there.