Wednesday, May 4, 2011

after life

I have been reading blogs, even though I have not been posting. There have been a few people who have lost family members recently, and that kind of thing just gets you to thinking.

Zach has life insurance, so of course should something happen to him, we will be taken care of. We would eventually like to have insurance on me, so that way Zach could keep working, and the kids would be able to be taken care of by family.

When we would visit my great- grandmother in Iowa when I was younger, I remember her always asking if there was anything we "couldn't live without" in the house. Meaning that if we saw something that interested us, we could ask for it, or let her know that we would like to have it one day.

I have a wooden music box that I believe my great- grandfather made, and I love it. I also have a small ceramic swan that I had asked for. The only other thing I would really cherish is her silverware, but being a great- grandchild, I understand if it goes to somebody else.

Funny thing is, We still visit her, and she will still ask us that same question. I love seeing her and being able to connect to such family ties. She is such an inspiration in so many ways.

This brings me to my household. Maura, in all of her 5 years, has been asking me for things when I am done with them, or when I die! I was a bit taken aback by this the first time.

She has asked for a jewelry box, jewelry, and something that I cannot remember.

I am pretty used to this creepy child, and I guess closing in on my 30th birthday has made it even more comfortable to face the end of my life. I usually just say she can have whatever it is that she wants, and move on with the day.

Of course this leaves the other child. So far all he has asked for is a beard. I am not kidding.

Oh, and the scissors & knives are now well hidden.... just in case

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