Thursday, August 18, 2011

State Fair

Expecting farm animals, excited kids & worn out parents? Not today, folks!

It seemed like EVERYONE has been posting about the state fair, taking their kids, etc. We don't go to the state fair.

I would soooo much rather hole up in the house and stay cool. Of course, I go into a small panic attack just thinking about being surrounded by all those people. I wish I could bring all of that lovely food to me, though.

I may be borderline agorophobic..... who knows.

As my dear friend Cari pointed out (during a different conversation, but ironically still about visiting the fair), "Oh, yeah, it's Cristi, why would she go anywhere?!"

Now I know she said it love, and I know it's true. Why be upset at the truth. Plus she was teasing me. We tease each other, but that's what we do. that and movie lines.

See, now wasn't that SO much more fun that pictures of smelly animals, sweaty people and contamination floating through the air?


Andy and Cari said...

so much better...

Ma said...

agoraphobs unite!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

No it was not at all better. Next year I will take poor Mauro and Tristan to the fair and if you are really nice I will bring you back some fair food.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I meant Maura not Mauro - I can't spell today.

Cristi Jo said...

That's ok, you misspelled Tristin's name also :)