Monday, October 17, 2011

A break and a break

Yesterday my wonderful husband went over to his mother's house to work on his truck. He took the kids!!!

They left after lunch, around 12 or so, and I didn't see them until around 8pm!

What a magical time for me. I cleaned a little, knitted, and just sat for a short bit. It was so nice.

With Maura being at the age when she would normally go to school, being with them both what seems almost constantly, any break is a good one.

We are doing well with school and trying to begin a new cleaning schedule for the house.

Just for funsies.... I heard Tristin playing with legos the other day on the table in the living room. I them heard something fall & break apart. His response?  "***GASP*** What have I done?!"

1 comment:

Ma said...

That picture to too cute.

Savor the break...savor it!