Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still our trip....

While we were staying in a big house, it wasn't a hotel, so there had to be some bunking together. The kids and Zach & I were in Nicholas' room. He has a really neat BOY room. The bed was a double (I think), so the kids slept on that while Zach and I were on an air mattress on the floor.


During the day, the boys would play basketball, using our bed to reach the goal better. At one point the girls were doing something with hair and jewelry.....and glitter. We had very sparkly pillows. 
Since it was a good ol' fashioned family holiday, there was a four day continuous Nerf war. I think everybody got shot at least once. This was Tristin's favorite activity. 

 shooting the cat
shooting the dog

We had a family dinner with a bunch I family we didn't know, but it was very nice.

Heather wanted to get something that went on sale Thanksgiving night, so I said I would go with her. I got some hot black friday items..... mascara, dishcloths, a couple things for the dog..... Anyway, the kids were at the house with Grandma, Uncle Seth and cousin Phoebe. The big boys were out trying to get a new 'tradition' going. when we got home, the kids were tired. Nicholas fell asleep and was in bed. Jessica, Maura & Tristin were watching tv. Maura is asleep, with Tristin & Jessica not far behind. 

Here are some random pictures of our visit. Kids, eating, kids eating, napping, and just fun times together. 

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