Monday, December 5, 2011

Our trip #3

After Hershey, we were supposed to go visit Zach's aunt, but she had come down with a bug. We continued north and ended up just outside of Bloomsburg, PA. This is where Zach's other aunt lives, who we had met/visited in May. Her oldest was just getting over a bug, so we stayed in a hotel that night. It was fun for us all. The kids got to eat Happy Meals and watch cartoons, and Zach & I laid in bed and read. I love vacation.

The next morning, we got ready and headed to Aunt Heather & Uncle Rich's house. The 'real Pennsylvania' according to Tristin.

We got there and visited for a little bit, then the kids & I went with Heather to pick up Nick & Jessica from school. They we excited to see each other and the girls walked to the car hand in hand. It was just a cute, loving act on both parts.

I basically didn't see my children for 4 days. They played together so well, and just being with family in one big house was great. We really don't get that experience often, so we enjoyed it. I have a few different stories about our stay, but will save them for the next post.

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