Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Last week the kids, my mom and I went visiting. We traveled to Iowa and were able to spend time with my great grandmother, the kids' great-great grandmother. Then we visited my mother's step-mom in Illinois on the way home.

The big item of discussion in the car was the wind farms.

We passed several, and even one way up close. Tristin was very excited about that.

We got to Gram's place and visited with her for a little bit. We spent the night in a hotel and went back to see her for a little longer the next morning.

Before we headed home, we drove around the town and looked at the places we used to go all the time when we visited. Since we had about a 4hour drive until we got to the other grandma's, we decided to let the kids play at the local park.

There was a lot of running, climbing, swinging, sliding, etc. There were three different playgrounds in the park, so we went to each one. They had to burn some serious energy- I had them run a race up a hill. I also told them to run to the car when it was time to leave. Tristin was pretty tired by this point, so when I told them to run, he started crying, saying he didn't want to run... he ran while crying and whining about not wanting to.

We were then blessed to be able to spend time with my mom's step-mother, Naomi. She had never even met Tristin, so it was a fun visit.

It was an incredibly quick trip, but it was so nice to visit with such wonderful family members.

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