Monday, October 15, 2012


So I have started vocabulary with Maura. I searched a few places online and came upon a site with SAT vocab lists. So I started there. 

Her first list consisted of 'abhor,' 'bigot' and 'counterfeit.' I write the word & definition on the fridge so they are always up. 

She got them fairly easily. At the end of a week and half or so, I had her tell me the definition and write a sentence for each word. Pretty entertaining. She is using 'abhor' pretty regularly. 

On the flip side, the other day she told me that someday she wants to travel to North America...

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Lindsey said...

My parents did this type of thing with my brother and I for awhile...I remember "abhor" being on the list. I don't think we ever made it through the entire alphabet, so my larger vocabulary words begin with A-G. :) I can just picture Maura using these words.