Tuesday, January 22, 2013

work related

I was able to attend a Children's Pastors Conference for work. 
Where did I go?
I caught this little guy. He pooped in my hand

Resort at night

Street performer- I believe he was supposed to be a mad hatter

View from the hot tub. Oh yes. I did. 

hint: Lego Hulk

need another hint? Character topiaries.... 

Mickey waffle...

Disney World. I am not a huge Disney person, and really had no desire to ever go, but I did enjoy myself. I learned TONS and hopefully all that I learned and did will bless my family and those at church. 

It was amazing to see such a huge enterprise up close and experience such a cultural mecca. It was clean, the employees were nice & helpful. 

Watching all of the kids was the best part. 

We did not go to any parks, but were able to experience a bit of "the magic." The most magical part to me was being able to check my bags at the hotel and not have to worry about them again until I got home. Huge bonus!

There was so much, work related and recreational, that I cannot begin to describe it all. I was certainly enlightened in the area of ministry to children, and was able to get to know my ministry peer so much better. 

I am excited to see what the Lord does with me and all of this new information! A bit scared, maybe, but excited :)

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Bethany said...

That's awesome, Cristi!