Sunday, February 3, 2013

a mom walks into a gym....

Sound like the beginning of a joke? Well it is, because that mom is me!

(insert hysterical laughter)

With my new job requiring me be out and about a little more than my usual hermit-like lifestyle, the gas to drive to the gym isn't a bid deal. 

With my new job came a little more money, so the gym payments aren't as worrisome as they once were. Plus it is month by moth, so should we end up with another DRY summer, I can cancel the membership. 

Plus they have a KidsKlub that keeps the kids for up to TWO HOURS! That alone is worth it. But it gets better - 

They have a pool. I miss my pool in Beech Grove where I worked and got to swim for free. But now I can swim laps almost whenever I want. I am so excited. 

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