Saturday, February 2, 2013

sugar, babies, & sugarbabies

Nothing has been going on, but at the same time quite a bit has taken place. I guess that is just a mystery of life. 

Anyway, I am supposed to have an annual blood sugar test since I have family history of diabetes and had gestational diabetes with both children. I had my blood drawn about a week and a half ago. 

The numbers came back a bit elevated, so the doctor wanted me to go back for a glucose tolerance test. Blech. I hated those when I was pregnant and hate them now. 

The day before my GTT, I received a phone call from insurance. She was a very nice, perky woman who said that she saw my records indicated I was pregnant. 

After making sure I didn't run the Jeep off into a ditch, I hit this woman with a string of about 100 "no's."

There was some mislabeling or something of my blood sugar test or something like that. She said she would fix it. She had better fix it!

So, I went back for my GTT & A1C tests. The GTT was above normal, but my A1C (gives the doctor a look over about the last 6mo of sugar levels) came back under the danger zone. I have a doctor appointment next week to talk about it all. yay. 

I really have nothing to say about sugarbabies. It just fit well in the title. Sorry to build up your hopes. 

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Anna said...

My heart about stopped thinking you were going to announce you were pregnant! You had me going for about a fraction of a second! Will be praying for you and your sugar situation.