Saturday, February 9, 2013

question of the week

I had this idea of having a "Question of the Week' post each Friday/Saturday. I decided a bit late in the week, explaining the lack of goofy questions. I picked out the ones that made me do a double take. Here they are - 

1. What color are headaches?
2. Do shrimp poop?
3. Why are there the same of things?
4. Milford?

I will say that given my sophisticated equipment for choosing a winner, I picked #4. 

Maura and I were enjoying (yes, enjoying!) a little girls day and were eating at Steak & Shake. She was unscrambling some words as part of a puzzle and asked for help. 

The puzzle was milkshake flavors. I prompted her with the correct answer (which was 'mocha'), and she thought, looked at me, and said, "Milford?"

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