Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So we home school our children. Am I crazy? Possibly. Probably. 

It is going well. I cannot imagine having to start after my kids were in government school, so I think starting from scratch has been a huge help. 

Anyway, I am attempting to write my own curriculum. Nothing major - I am not smart enough for most things. 

But I do know emergencies. And I know first aid. And I know kids. 

So, my question to you - have you ever written any type of curriculum? Know of any good resources? I have used google and found some helpful hints. 

I have already started and am loving doing it. I just don't want to finish and realize I made a major mistake. Plus I would love to talk with somebody who has done it before!

I would love to be able to eventually (like in a looooong time) write Sunday school curriculum. I figured I would experiment on my own offspring before testing it on others'! 

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