Saturday, March 9, 2013

late post :)

Zach got me this plant for Valentine's Day. You see them in the coupon circular as a "Resurrection Plant." 

I point it out all the time and say how much I would love to see if it really works- especially since I kill pretty much any plant life entrusted to me. Seriously. 

It was pretty much to the point of a joke when I did see it and show it to him. 

Then he got it for me!

He actually found it online, and apparently they are associated a lot with Wicca. 

While I am not Wiccan, and have no plans of sprinkling the water around my home to banish negative energy, I do plan on enjoying my new plant! We will see how long he lasts. 

I think I will name him Herman. 

Below are the photos I took as it rehydrated. You can see the darker places at the bottom of the 'pod' where the water went first - it happened almost instantaneously when set in the bowl. 

The photos were taken about every 3-5min. After the ones up there, it still grew pretty quickly, but was harder to capture with my sophisticated picture taking skills. 

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