Saturday, March 16, 2013

nobody knows me like mom

so after plowing for many hours, shoveling for a few more, i made asked Zach to take me for waffles. Then I slept for about 16hrs. I was exhausted. Then I just got busy. 

Last week at work I was shredding papers. There were A LOT of papers. At one point I added a few too many (disregarding the '9 sheets' warning on the front), and caused a bit of a blockage. 

One of my work moms, D, was right there and helped me liberate the offending half ream I crammed in. I was shredding less than 3 feet from her desk, and I am sure she loved that!

I was so close to being done. SO. CLOSE.

My mind started to glaze over and I wasn't paying as much attention to the task as I should have... My very special necklace got CAUGHT IN THE SHREDDER!!!!

There were some whirring & grinding metal noises, and I yanked out the power cord. My face was about 8 inches from the metal wheels of death. Not too panicky, I called out for D. Without turning around she told me to, "Just do what we did before!" thinking I had only jammed papers in. 

Thankfully I had just changed the chain on my necklace that morning to one of those dog tag types, so I was able to pull up and break it. 

I told D that the shredder had eaten my necklace and I couldn't get it out. She helped, and now this is it-

When we had it made, my mom wanted me to get one of the pieces hammered to make it stand out/ look a little different...

I sent the picture to her and my aunt (who was with us when I got it). My aunt asked if I had done that - as in, "wow, that looks different in a completely intentional, never close to death way!"

My mom just replied, "What happened?"

Nobody will know you like your mother...

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Ruby said...

Too bad for your necklace, but on the bright side you can say the dents it got made it more one of a kind. At least a good amount of those papers are gone. Shredding papers isn't just part of the routine to declutter and organize your files, it becomes a necessity when there's sensitive information as well, especially for places like work.

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