Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reba needs a facelift

I have bonded with my jeep this winter. We named her Reba since she is red. Letter sound association for the kids - yes we homeschool. 

I also named her because I noticed that it gives her a bit of a personality. The kids are more likely to clean up and take care of something with a name, rather than just, 'the car.'

Anyway, I spent tons of time with Reba this winter. She has taken great care of the family, and me. 

But Reba needs a facelift. Reba actually needs a lot. 

While we were in Ohio, I got hit. It was on the way to the farm, so I had all four children with me. Basically, we were turing on a green light and an old man ran his red. 

Nobody was hurt. Except Reba. We are both saying we had the green, so there is no ruling and no fault. No fix for Reba.