Wednesday, September 11, 2013

blue suede shoes

In my attempts to hold off the diabeetus, I have been running. I have been eating better and lost about 25lbs or so. 

My father registered me for the Air Force mini marathon in Dayton. It is the 21st of this month. I have been trying to train, and done a decent job. 

I was able to finally cash in a birthday present and got new running shoes. Mom took me to the Blue Mile. They ask you questions and watch you run for a minute, then make a shoe recommendation. 

Sparing the details, I ended up with pair of day-glo blue running shoes. with lime colored soles. They are comfy and I have been breaking them in as much as possible. 

I am not a super runner, but I am enjoying it for the most part. 


Bethany said...

Good for you! I want to see a picture of the shoes. :)

Anna said...

Congrats! I still can't pull off running but have been biking 50 miles a week:) Can't wait to see the shoes! I love flashy tennis shoes!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Great job!