Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, I was keeping myself busy after Zach left for FedEx. I was cleaning up toys and things, doing some dusting that was seriously overdue. I got inspired. I thought that I should share this all four of you who read this.

I decided that the next time I get really upset. Not just, "Oh, I'm tired and things bus me," upset, but really, really mad, I'm going to do what I believe everybody should do. I'm going to grab a cold beer, a pack of cigarettes, get in my car, and drive to an empty place. I'm going to turn up my radio real loud, and...

dance! I'm going to dance every little bit of that mean emotion out of my body! I'll dance till dawn if I have to! I'm going to move and groove and make myself feel much better about my circumstances...

Seriously, I really don't like most of the things from the 80s. I think it was an awful decade. It has it's moments. I even know some songs. And most of the movies, well, hhmmmm. Anyway, I do like some of them, and the one that I just happen to get "inspired" by tonight was "Footloose" - in case you didn't catch on.

My only plea is temporary insanity. I am so tired and I have a cough that hurt my entire body. By the way, I do not smoke.

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Andy and Cari said...

somehow...and I know you prety well, I cannot picture the dancing....if there is an occasion in the near future where youget fed up while I am around can I have the pleasure of watching the spectical?