Sunday, November 23, 2008

What My Children Have Taught Me

This a sort of amendment to "What I Have Taught My Children." While I am the parent and am put in authority over my babies, they teach me so much. I thought that it only fitting to let you know what they teach me, and give them the credit for things they don't even know they do.

-I don't care if the house is clean, but I do care if you sit and read at least one book to me
-It makes no difference if you are dressed, showered, or stink to high heaven, but it does make a difference if you hug me and kiss me, even when I don't expect it
-I don't notice the things you accomplish, but I notice when you help me accomplish things
-I don't care if you don't wear make-up when we go out, but I care when you take me anywhere with you
-I don't care if you're really, really tired, but I care when you cuddle me when I'm tired
-It makes no difference if your hair is very dirty, but I love to play with it anyway
-It doesn't matter if a spoonful of peanut butter is what's for dinner, but it does matter that when you draw me, you MUST draw my shoes, too


Heidi Stone said...

That's cute, Cristi. My kids teach me so much too.

Sarah said...

It's true that children teach us so many things! They really don't care about much more than our love and attention.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

So sweet!