Thursday, November 20, 2008


Since Cari has recently felt the need to tell me when she expects more posts, I thought that I would do just that. I know that I am her personal hero. Yes, Cari, we all know, tone it down a bit. Anyway, I have been having a somewhat difficult time coming up with things to tell about, even though I'm sure you really don't care much anyway. So until I can become more creative... don't hold your breath, I'll just use this as a sort of journal.

Let me fill you in on what I've pulled from Tristin's mouth in about the last week.
-dried up cheese
-baby Jesus from a nativity set
-garland foil
-a barbie boot
-a crayon
-a blue, fuzzy craft ball


Andy and Cari said...

thank you for that fascinating information that makes us all wish we were you....

Lindsey said...

Baby Jesus takes the funny!

Sarah said...

oh, that's funny! I think my list is very similar to yours, except I fished glue stick out of Christians mouth earlier today. Yesterday his whole mouth and tongue were completely black from eating a marker. (non toxic, thankfully)

Heidi Stone said...

Sounds very similar to Reagan's list. Lol.

Elizabeth said...

I pull a lot of that same stuff out of Vinny's fur and mouth.