Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Introducing..." or "Zach's Opinion"

Here is Zach's very first post, and it just happens to be on politics. So, sit back and get comfy, because this was originally a 4 page word document! So, without further ado, here's Zach first - and maybe last! - post...

Well election time is upon us and as usual I have had my fill of politics, politicians and pundits! I spend most of my day listening to news talk radio, and contrary to popular belief it is quite a patchwork of ideas and opinions. Because I am blessed with a job that allows me to stay abnormally informed as well as a small network of close friends that do the same (with many different sources) I am often asked my opinions on current events and politics. It is extremely hard to explain in just a few words what I believe so I will attempt to do so here however briefly.

I often describe myself as a Christian, Libertarian , Conservative. Yes I am all screwed up! Let me quickly explain each of these. First I am an Evangelical Christian who believes The Bible is the inspired work of God. I obey it first (or try to). There is nothing I have ever found in The Bible that would tell me to affect someone else through force to believe or behave the way I do. Second I am a Libertarian (NOT to be confused with the modern liberal). A libertarian is generally someone who believes that the only time the Government has a place in our lives is for national defense or to protect us from others who effect our lives or property through force or fraud. Think carefully about that for a minute. How much less would we have to deal with the government if this were observed. Generally a libertarian can live his or her life safely and prosperously by obeying the two natural laws I believe our creator has seared into the conscience of every man.

I. Do everything you have agreed to do (the basis of all contract law)

II. Do not encroach on other persons or their property ( the basis of criminal law)

These two laws have been the basis for governing society for thousands of years.

Finally I am a conservative. This means I choose to try to live my life in the way our country was founded, on traditional values. Also I try to affect my environment with these same values, though not through force. For example My religious and conservative beliefs tell me that homosexuality or premarital sex are wrong. However someone who commits these acts generally is not affecting someone else’s life through force or fraud. Therefore I do not believe in laws outlawing someone’s personal conduct in their private life. This does not mean I am in favor of sexual immorality in public, homosexual adoption etc. The laws of nature tell me these things are wrong and can be prohibited in a civilized society. Sexual immorality in the public circle affects the society around it directly and homosexual adoption would affect the innocent child immorally. Making laws against these types of things can be done in a reasonable manner generally without intruding in peoples personal lives. However laws against someone’s personal behavior will do two things without fail; First, it will eventually lead to the trampling of rights of moral upright citizens, second it will not stop the behavior by force. Only conscious decisions by a society to remain moral will work to do this. Society will always slither towards an immoral standard with the exception of short stints of uprightness by choice of the people as a whole. However, again laws that tell someone what acts they can commit in their homes, what plants they can eat or smoke or whatever and whether or not they must wear their seat belt to be safe will do nothing but cost a society billions of dollars and immeasurable amounts of liberty.

If these ideas interest you at all or you believe in the Unique American spirit of liberty with a morally strong society, I urge you to read Ron Paul’s book The Revolution. It is under 175 pages and describes in detail the ideas of being an upright moral society while embracing liberty. It describes the ideas I talk about above with much more eloquence than I have in me. It also describes how when these principles are adhered to you get the shining cities on a hill that Reagan described. They burn bright usually for a short while but are worth all the blood sweat and tears that they require

Well now to what my wife actually told me I should right about, how this translates into how I vote. Each of us probably believes alike that most all of the politicians are corrupt and selfish...except ours. Think for a moment. Julia Carson spent years deciding where to spend our (Americans) money, how to make things easier for her electorate (therefore harder for others) etc. And on top of it she barely ever showed up to vote! Anyone here ever vote for Dan Burton? Because he showed up less than she did! No excuses, bull. He is lazy and is leaching off of the taxpayers. He also tries to figure out ways to spend your money on others, it just tends to be in the way of prescription drugs for senior of farm subsidies, it’s no better just different.

Barrack Obama IS a socialist. He wishes to take the money of those that can afford it (Just for giggles lets go with his definition of that) and give it to others. He proposes the federal government help pay for your college, your house and infinite other personal expenses. We cannot afford this. However, even if we could do we no longer feel shame. To force someone to reach into their pocket and force them to give their own property, their hard earned money to someone else, no matter how rich or poor is wrong! That is not America. John McCain is not much better. Just weeks before he was the presumptive nominee even moderate republican pundits were telling the party “Do not nominate this RHINO (republican in name only) we will not vote for him, he’s to liberal” Just weeks later, forced again to accept the lesser of two evils they succumbed and supported him. I will not.

I refuse to be made a fool of as the American people have been for many years. George Bush used the conservative movement and The Evangelical Christians to get elected. Every once and again he would throw them a bone like the marriage amendment (That he knew would never pass). He and McCain broke THEIR OATH to The Constitution with the McCain- Finegold campaign finance reform act. Bush said publicly before he signed it that it was unconstitutional but hoped that the Supreme Court would strike it down! How can I cast my vote for a man who openly violated his oath just for the sake of political expediency! And McCain was the one who authored the bill! Ironically it is part of the reason he is now being defeated in the polls.

I believe everyone reading this knows in their heart how corrupt this elite class of politicians have become. They believe they know what’s best for us the “ little people” If we do not decide now to turn around and fight (Right now at the ballot box) We may never have the ability to once we are broken apart and beaten into submission by the two party system. If one more person tells me I am “wasting my vote” by voting my conscience I think my head will explode! I will vote my conscience and be proud! I will vote for people that will stand by their convictions and take their word as a man or woman seriously! Choose carefully and spend time finding out about your candidates, especially the ones closest to you. Local judges, city and state officials are our national politicians of the future and they have great sway in our daily lives. See the Indy Star voter guide. It will give you a view of everything you will be voting for each election cycle and even give you office and sometimes home numbers for your candidates. Call and interrogate them! Vote for officials that believe in more personal responsibility and less government. Also find officials who see The State and federal constitutions as the law, not whatever the whims of the current population or politicians believe is best.

Make no mistake our rights are being eroded slowly. The only thing the politicians disagree about is what rights are not important or who’s in charge as it happens. I will not look at my son and daughter when they ask one day and say yes I voted for the party that let your liberty be taken a little slower than the other. I will teach them that although you will never find someone you agree with 100% of the time there are principles on which you do not compromise when choosing a leader. Life, and The Constitution are two of those things.

Finally think of our situation like this, if someone is being slowly marched to their death they will reason, beg, compromise, and plead. But because of the slow march they continue to think there is still time to reason compromise and beg. Before they know it they stand there with no choice but to accept their fate. However, if an enemy attacks quickly and aggressively the reaction should be and usually is to defend even counter attack to preserve life and limb. We are being marched to a slow death. It is time we turn and fight. We do this with our vote, our money (through contributions to organizations that fight for the same things we do) and through “the soft war” of telling family and friends what the stakes are. We must turn and fight before we are splintered into groups that no longer matter,

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up." РNiem̦ller

If we do not believe that we are becoming more socialist we need only remember the words of Khruschev,

Three months before his 1959 visit to the U.S., Khruschev, then
ruthless dictator of International Communism stated:
"We can't expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to
Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them
small doses of Socialism UNTIL they awaken one day to find they HAVE

These are only ramblings I am pecking out on the laptop when I should be doing school. If any of this strikes a chord read The Ron Paul book “The Revolution” It is a road map to a peaceful takeover of our government back to the principles of morality and liberty. I envision a world for my children that is more free and more prosperous. The last few generations have allowed this country to slide far away from what our founders left them with. I feel angry when I think of the compromise my parents and grandparents generations allowed that has damaged our great country almost to the point of demise. We do not have much longer left before those that remember what a free country looked like are gone and can no longer remind us what we owe future generations. I do not want to look back 20 years from now and realize I was my children’s last hope for a free prosperous and upright nation. I do not want to look at my son and daughter and see them look back at me knowing I gave up and gave in. I am not sure what the next few years will bring but I do know that no matter who wins the election the appropriate bumper sticker to own would be “don’t blame me I voted for the other guy” The candidate who wins this election will push us closer to a socialist nation and will take more freedom away from us and our children. And I could not sleep knowing I voted for him.

In case you have not guessed I will be voting third party. I planned to vote for Ron Paul but he has dropped out and endorsed Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle for the Constitution party. They are not on the ballot, so I will write them in. If you are curious here is there party platform.

We will either slip quietly into the abyss of history or see one heck of a fight for our country’s soul over the next few years. Since when have Americans been afraid of a fight. My candidates will not win. My vote will however mean two things. First, I will not be denied the opportunity to vote for someone with integrity. And most importantly, As American’s we want only to be left to our own devices to live free and prosper or fail on our own merit. If you the politicians that have long since forgotten from whence you came and will not be reminded without a fight, let’s get it on. We the people may win or lose but we should not and will not cower and hang on to the little scraps of freedom you allow us to have as we watch you further whittle away our future generations birthright of liberty.



John said...

Your comment that Dan Burton voted less than Julia Carson is flat out not true. Do some research man.
Dan was in attendance for 98% (best for all Indiana Reps) of votes last year, and his lifetime rating is 95% - Carson was in the 70 percentile.

Stop reading the untruthful Indianapolis Star - they will not present both sides of an issue (they focus on 18 votes that Dan missed in 2007, and thus have continued a smear campaign).

cristidehoff said...

This site shows Burtons attendance. It is 93% lifetime. Higher than I thought. I cannot currently find carsons since she is no longer in office. Anything else about my post you disagree with? The fact remains Burton remains in office by pandering to his constituents. Having Meet and greets where he explains how to use medicare etc. I want a congressman who is constantly vocal about our real problems. A HUGE national debt, and a congress that continues to spend us in oblivion. Along with continued attacks on our rights and privacy. And an immigration problem they could solve in months by removing social benefits for illegals and cracking down on employers. I don't want meaningless words and bills that appear to help these problems while never really making any difference.



Andy and Cari said...

I agree with just about everything you stated but there is only one issue at hand here. There is a spiritual problem, a moral problem that didn't exist in 1776. The men who fought and died for our freedoms were mostly of good or outstanding character and believed in the basic "Christian" principals that this country has abondoned. Truth no longer exists. We live in a post-modern society where anything goes. There is a dillusion among the people of this country that we have never seen before. Thus a revolution would not work. Having said that I believe it is our duty as Christians and Americans to revolt when tyrrany has been born and that is exactly what we have. Excellent article though. Thanks for the read.

Andy C.