Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zach, Silent, Waiting

No, I am not dabbling in poetry. Zach has been made aware of his family's blog (I thought I should let him in on it!), and has been reading it. He plans to write up a small informational post, political in nature and hopefully get it up by this afternoon. If you know Zach, you know he has a passion about things such as these. If you don't know Zach, hold onto your buttons, because you are in for a ride. Anyway, he asks if I have posted anything new, and sometimes may glance at other blogs. I think he's a closet blogger. I, on the other hand, am still against it, but it gives me an excuses to ignore the dishes, and let people see what's going on with us and not have to make sure I got everyone on the e-mail. My point is this, if you get the chance, let Zach know that it's OK for him to write and post on the blog that bears his name!


Lindsey said...

The guys already have a blog. They won't admit that it's a blog, but IT IS A BLOG! I remind Jon of this periodically when he laughs at my blog.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Wow, this is cracking me up. I love the back and forth. It is very entertaining. Ryan considered being a libertarian for a while, but we couldn't quite agree with the no drug laws - although he might lean more that way now. If the guys do have a blog I would love to read it.