Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I Should Not be Allowed Out!

1. Puppies
There were little black lab puppies for sale at Copelands yesterday, and it took all of my might to not just hand over my money and take one home. They were sooo cute and I cannot wait until we can get a dog again. I do love being pet-free, but I love having a dog around. I wouldn't mind a cat, but I think Zach's head may blow off if we actually got one. Besides... litter box? Ew.
2. My new car
Zach got me a CRV, and I do enjoy it. It still has some growing to do on me, but I think I'll really like it. However, it is not an easy car to figure out. I went to get gas yesterday with all three kids in the car. I couldn't figure out how to open the gas cover. I had to get out the manual and look it up. OK, problem solved. Then we went to Sam's, and I wanted to put my 25lbs of flour, flour and sugar in my new trunk. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to open it. I got out the manual when we got home, and I could still not find where to open the door. With the help of Sesley (my wonderful employer!) I was able to finally open the door. Then it would not shut. I had to call Zach. Of course, now it's presenting with a host of other problems, so I can't drive it for a while anyway!
3. Mexican Restaurants
My mom insisted that the kids & I eat with her and my dad last night. We ate at El Rodeo. I use the term "eat" loosely. My children were awful! I had maybe two bites of my dinner, they wouldn't eat anything and kept wanting to get down on the floor. Tristin began hitting me. Yes, Tristin, my "calm" one. Maura was wanting to back and forth between my parents and me, and was not listening to "Crapaw." So, I apologized profusely to my parents and we left. I was so embarrassed. I cannot help but feel that this is all my fault. As their mother, I am to teach them how to behave in public (and private for that matter)and we all failed the test. I was mortified. Anyway, I shall not be dining without Zach for some time.


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Too funny about your car because I had the exact same problem. Only I didn't have the manual and I was sitting there at the gas station. My husband had taken the manual with him to read it and I called him, but he was at work and couldn't get to the manual so I had to drive home with NO GAS.
The restaurants are tough no matter what. I rarely take them by myself because you just never know. I mean you train them, but if one of them didn't get a good nap or whatever it could be disastrous. Do not be discouraged this too shall pass.

Sarah said...

I don't think I ever "eat" when we go out to dinner with our children. I really don't know why I bother. By the way, we have some fresh kittens at our house, just 2 weeks old...I'll even GIVE you a litter box. Just have Maura change the litter. :)